The Problem With Gutenberg: post-literacy & makerspace strategy

Makerspaces are physical spaces used to experiment with creation and manipulation of digital and physical objects, usually in a communal setting. These spaces are often related to the reduction of boundaries between the physical and the digital, such as with 3D printers. Post-literacy is a period when popular and institutional cultures no longer privilege reading […]

Measuring Makerspaces V2

So. Refined the measures/goals from the last post, Measuring Makerspaces. This is what it is looking like now. Next to get ratified…and start measuring! — 1. Grow-like-weed-itude: This measures the resilience and sustainability of the idea from a staff and library system perspective Based on the historical experience of guerrilla warfare, that suggests there is […]

for noonan

of course my life is a poem, he said, spoken word, set to heavy metal riffs and a nyabinghi rhythm. full of thunder and bullshit and long sunsets by the sea. and, like the best poems, a sharp, sudden ending.

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