7 responses to “I. Will not. Floss.”

  1. Ch4

    Will you brush your teeth?

  2. Ch4


  3. sanga

    I love this poem so much. I love the ease or fluidity of the transistion from the common place to the universal, from the cultural to the personal. Somehow you have been able to make a love poem that is also political or is it the other way round?

  4. happyredrooster

    This one is really more than just about flossing, isn’t it? The political & anti-establishment blood was always there and has not died. I hope it never will. But, for a few years now, I have noticed that the further you have been going away, the more you are discovering your roots(?) [I have jumped into the heartland and become an outsider.]

    Here’s a suggestion: do what I do. I floss with sowing thread and scrape with an old knife. (I just dip the things in a dollop of hand sanitizing lotion and get at it.) The flossing and scraping- for personal hygiene; the tools-in keeping with Baruk-ian tradition. Try it. She won’t love you less for it.

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