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these specimens of what appear to be models(?) of humanoid feet were unearthed in the area of emily place/eden crescent, an area once infamous for violent volcanic activity. while some superstitions hold that they are in fact the shrivelled and preserved feet of some prehistoric psychedelicised hippie-type race, there is no scientific evidence to back this claim. if this is true, though, it would appear that the volcanic activity has turned the ‘feet’ into a polymer-clay-type substance. there is also speculation that the raised middle-toe in each of these specimens is a cultural percusor to the contemporary practice of showing other people the middle-finger, evolved due to the inconvenience of removing one’s footwear every time one wanted to suggest to another that a volcano blow them up.

8 responses to “middletoe”

  1. Marsha

    You have an overactive imagination

  2. Zualteii

    Haha gotta second the above statement

  3. ruolngulworld

    lol. where can i get a specimen? considering the scientific/archaeological significance of such discoveries, i suppose getting one would be extremely difficult, if not illegal :)

  4. Renee Lulam

    middletoe…and stories…and a lot of time…wonder if they kissed under the middletoe?

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