12 responses to “mizo recipes: cauliflower stalk bai”

  1. mesjay

    it could work without the rice too, may be with one more potato.

  2. Robb

    Kia ora feddabonn,
    This reads as to be a very fine recipe for mountain travel as well. Nothing quite like some nice fresh food after a long day, though the calli portion and a few potatoes and a few beans might be a bit of extra weight, worth the effort. I will try this, I love soup type food with a nice broth. I will be curious to find what spices I might want to add, but will stick to your recipe to start. The only way. Peaceful New Year to you and yours. Kia kaha.

  3. Calliopia

    Very interesting this. I've always tended to think of our food as just, you know, stuff put together in a pot but hey, you've put it all down very neatly and delectably in a recipe with a lovely picture.

  4. reuben

    Improvement? Why? But if you must, chuck in the sa. Lots.

  5. NotGood

    Funny you should post this, cos' coincidentally, some days back, our local vegetable vendor was about to trash a huge amount of cauliflower stalks which they had removed from the 'edible' part. Apparently Marathis don't know what to make of them. So my roomie came back with a bag full of them.. for free. And we survived on the Bai for a good 2 weeks. Now all we need is some SA-UM to add to the taste.. hehe..
    BTW, Happy Belated New Year!

  6. pearl

    if you ever figure out the english garden name of Bah-khor, pass on here. Saw in China, Laos and Vietnam and I so miss it. Would love to grow some. Nice recipie there and I do the same here to broccoli stalks :)

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