9 responses to “breathe/the city”

  1. Gauri

    Are they all different? No. Is one love different than the other? No.. :)

    I so love the words "stand strong and brutal like sureness"

  2. Robb

    Kia ora feddabonn,
    Interesting thoughts. I always relish and look forward to my time in big cities for much the same reasons as you. But I always find after a while my thoughts head back to the mountains and being surrounded by a different type of quiet sky scrapers. Not sure why that is, just that there is a place for both, and maybe one of the reasons it is so essential we protect the wilderness as well. Just so it is there.

  3. blinddayze

    neat!!! … by the power CreativeCommons i shall adapt the above for a song..really :)

  4. reuben

    Hopefully. Otherwise, could you imagine the monotony? I ti ve lo maw? At least, I like that Darjeeling is different from Mizoram – confuses and identifies me.

    Twigs in the foreground – deliberate?

  5. Shuttle Service

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