6 responses to “red+green”

  1. peer gynt

    yallow…think its my first comment here. the first thing that came to my mind because of the pic up there…black (and)-blue! but that's not any 'less charged with angry emotions'. not sure i can explain why, esp,.in metaphors or myths, but i've always liked green and white.

  2. John Doe

    well come to think of it green and white could be full of 'meaning' too in today's world.

  3. Abhishek

    As a photographer, i've always found B&W to be the best for the job in terms of emotions. It's a strange arrangement because it has the power to really push the emotions forward or on the other hand suppress them. I tried replacing them on my mind with other combinations but each time a non-neutral is brought into the picture, it gets it's emotional baggage with it :) Maybe it;s just me… I would personally use the above mentioned colour combinations to show emotions and contrast than to suppress them.

    A very interesting concept though. I wouldn't mind browsing through some block painting now ;)

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