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  1. blinddayze

    sala tunge ziaktupa khi? .. ava zaklo ve a… saptawng thiam rawn show off .. :D

  2. Gauri Gharpure

    This is soo beautiful.. Congratulations!

    these are references that are so vivid and yet so subtle in their form.. never have so many lines stood out so distinctly in a single poem..

    .." if in a single raindrop you do not see the miracle, you do not see God.."………." and pray to a God who does not live within them.." ……………."Jim, poor Jim, he's dead"… "it's my fault"… and there are many more, but i restrict myself..

    We had Zo dance during our annual festival in kindergarten.. As i look back, seems amazing how we tinytots managed to pull of without a single fall…

  3. ruolngulworld

    too beautiful for words…… wow

  4. Robb

    Kia ora baruk,
    wow, this is stunning.

    1. etrigan sanga ralte

      huh????? what???

  5. Kima

    One of the most beautiful piece of writing I've read in a long time. Utterly amazing..

  6. PnB

    I love the way Mr Ralte brings out the contradictions, hypocrisy and the unabashed pretensions of Mizo society. I like the way he builds momentum as the poem progresses and ends with the tragedy that most of our youth know too well. I like the beat of the dance worked in so the reader can have that side by side with the text, although i'm not too sure of the rhythm of his words.
    We need more people like him to speak out- people who have the stones to point out how we have warp religion as we done with almost all aspects of our society.

    I've always thought the dance looks good, but a little to noisy for my ears.

    blog on!

    blog on!

    1. etrigan sanga ralte

      umm..the rhythm of the words are disjointed deliberately…i thought it was rather apt with the overall theme. i edited it once coz robin sing said it was prosaic. it was horrible. it just lost the sense of honesty and the "spewing of emotions":-)

  7. sanga ralte

    thank you all..

  8. Roshni

    This was painfully beautiful! Been around a little of Mizoram, witnessing some of what this says from a distance.

  9. Roshni

    Thats true…in the sense that nothing really is black and white…multiple facets especially to most people and communities..

    Been travelling out frequently for work…so blog also had less on Mizoram off late….off to Lawngtlai and Ngenpui tomorrow…hope to have some more stuff coming from there!

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