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  1. blinddayze

    neat/ natural disasters
    graphic/ come to
    work/ my mind – the
    in/ earth striking back….
    here./ i guess the twin tower
    sept 11/ tragedy is somewhat
    humans/ like Madonna
    on/ adopting a child….
    humans./ it's 'newsprint value'

  2. Robb

    Kia ora baruk,
    Good questions. I think the media attaches far more importance to anything destructive that happens in a western white dominated country, or countries, than else where. It also allows the real powers that be to create a need for the status quo by playing US vs. THEM, and never really getting around to asking the real questions that should be asked. Hope you are staying warm and dry. I am heading back to the fire now.

  3. Zo Z

    love the image. very poetic and all.
    i don't want to be insensitive to those who lost loved ones in the attack, but the first thing i said when i heard about it was: "those terrorist have guts."
    i wouldn't go so far as to call the incident as some sort of punishment for man's hubris. i think it's just shitty US foreign policy that interferes too much, for too long in other countries coming back to bite them in the butt. If you have the time look at how many nations the US has destabilized and the atrocious affects it has for the populations. look at the number of deaths from what the US military terms as "collateral damage" (talk about euphemism!). All that is nothing compared to 9/11.
    But yeah, it was so convenient. Such a visible icon to rally the masses with the help of their networks to wage war on some poor, poor countries half way around the globe without solid proof. Goebbels would be smiling in his grave!

  4. culheath

    Great graphic…especially in how it perfectly communicates the inherent lack of communication state. In regards to your questions:
    1) I doubt that heaven or earth would deign to punish us for the self-induced sorrow we bring on via our fear-of-death foibles…I see the "goes around/comes around" principle at work and it is more of a mechanism than something requiring conscious intervention by the "meta-natural powers that be". In fact, it strikes me that there is a certain hubris involved in even supposing our human machinations have that level of consequence in the overall parade of galactic concerns.

    2) Hardly.

    A lot of the American xenophobia and cultural angst over 9/11 can be explained by watching Flight From Death: The Quest for Immortality which I just embedded on my site if you can't find it otherwise.

  5. culheath

    "can't help feeling tho, that war/disease are the human 'predators', seeing as we don't really have any others…."

    I know what you mean…it could be that we come with our own shut off switches…like the epigenetic cellular death cue but played out on a metagenetic scale, ie, an "as above/so below" principle – wherein the large social structures replicate the patterns already evolved by the genes. As much as the universe abhors a vacuum it seems to also abhor overcrowding. Maybe that's the impetus behind the expansion of the universe?

    I know if I were going to create something as potentially dangerous and virally consumptive as humans I would definitely want to add some sort of governor mechanism to the mix in order to prevent a runaway population. I can see that disease and war can serve as an environmental feedback loop. Perhaps we need to stop breeding for a while.

  6. G

    I don't think 'punishment' is the right word; I prefer 'consequence'.

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