8 responses to “horn, horn & horn”

  1. happyredrooster

    The mithun. Hope to raise a few. They've got a lot to do with half your heritage. (And half mine.) Did you make these? Nice work.

  2. NotGood

    Play-doh much? hehe.. These reminds me of a roadside guy who would sculpt different animals on one end of a stick and sell them to kids like me then… I got a rooster, mum bought it for me after school for doing well in a class test.. Looks nice from the front.

  3. NotGood

    yup.. they did harden… kept it for a few days till they started crumbling.. he had used maida then.. If you use clay, I guess they may last long enough to stick it one end of a pencil till the pencil gets totally used up.. and you can color them using fabric paint maybe?

  4. Zo Z

    Nah, Baruk!
    A skull skull be one of a dead animal -preferably of the once proud animal that you've shot, or speared, or strangled yourself. Damn the conservationists! :)

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