4 responses to “naked and in love”

  1. Ruahines

    Kia ora feddabonn, Wow! That is really cool, and don't we all just try to figure out today much less worry about tommorow. I thought for a second I was listening to an acoustic set by Paul Weller. Very moving, I hope the next 11 years sees a bit more come to the world.Robb

  2. feddabonn

    kia ora robb, and much thanks for the encouragement. roob and sanga are still writing songs, all my tunes have dried up since i left shillong. interesting comparison w/ paul weller…none of us have him as an influence as far as i know!

  3. Ruahines

    Kia ora feddabonn, You know I can't say that Paul Weller was an influence on me either, but a few years ago I was home alone and for some reason put on some tunes from some acoustic thing he did and it really blew me away. Your tune reminds me of that.

  4. feddabonn

    thanks hugely again, robb. will try find some and have a listen!

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