12 responses to “my brother’s eater”

  1. Ta'fxkz

    neat, like it – the bloody drop of blood too

  2. feddabonn

    heh. thanks, i think. :)

  3. ku2

    So.. are you the one who did the eating? Would be highly ironical if it is. Nice looking dish, though I dont eat pork

  4. mesjay

    Are you advocating vegeterianism or cannibalism?

  5. feddabonn

    @ku2: am afraid it was my dinner, yes. and the irony struck me hard!@mesjay: it isn't as simple as 'advocating' anything. am asking myself questions about eating meat.in the tradition of some maori tribes, whales did not have species/genus names, but had individual names. something between naming pets and naming children. eating a whale, then, was no less than eating another human. or to put it another way, eating a human was no less than eating a whale.

  6. indianhomemaker

    The pictures conveys what you wish to convey very well. Effective.

  7. mesjay

    Slaughtering living beings does feel cruel. It feels good to remember that all creatures, including lions, will become vegetarians when Christ comes to rule on earth.

  8. blackestred

    Why? Because it tastes so damn good.. :) and we're on top of the food chain.. Why are gazelles lunch for the cheetah? dinner for the lions? Its the circle of life. No offense but veggies are breaking the circle.At least us humans rear the animals for food, its the killing of wild animals other than for consumption that I despise, leave them for the vultures and wolves dammit!

  9. feddabonn

    @IHM: thank you@mesjay: that'd be interesting to see!@blackest: lets not turn this into vegeterians vs. non vegeterians, i think there is room for both.

  10. Adi

    dude, eat it if you like it and don't if you don't like it. Why eat it and then drama? :)

  11. feddabonn

    lol. where would the angst be if there were no drama, ey? grin.

  12. reuben

    Van tui hmel e.

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