7 responses to “rough reviews”

  1. Calliopia

    Hmmm I envy you your job. Let's do a trade, you teach Hamlet/Lawrence and I do your reading/watching :) Black like me sounds interesting and I'd love to take in The Yellow Dog too. As for perspectives, hey even just between male and female there's a whole world of difference, never mind all the cultural, religious, historical etc factors.

  2. feddabonn

    lol. i do all this on my days off! i work saturday to monday, and the *only time one gets to sit down is during official breaks. add 1 hour bus rides to and from work…you still want it? lol. and i never did get what shakespeare was on about, so might trust you to the teaching, grin.i must admit i no longer quite understand what a male/female perspective is. i find my conciousness of my own gender getting fuzzier, especially as i increasingly take on the role of the house husband, and enjoy it. are there perspectives you would consider *particularly female or male?

  3. mesjay

    wow, you manage to do so much interesting reading?

  4. feddabonn

    reading's mostly on the bus to and from work, and the watchings our standard after dinner activity, lol.

  5. aduhi

    Agree with Calliopia, you seem to have a perfect job. Why, it might not even feel like work at all.I think I've heard of Black Like Me, maybe read a review or seen the book, will add it to my ever growing list of Books to buy/read.

  6. Ruahines

    Kia ora feddabonn, I read Black Like Me when I was about 12,(a long time ago!), and it was a real life changing experience. It really did open my eyes and made me think, shook me by the shoulders real hard. Someone I know tld me parts of it are now a bit dated, but when I last read it I found it as fresh, relevant and hard hitting as ever. Racism and hatred do not get old. Kia kaha.Cheers,Robb

  7. feddabonn

    @aduhi: while i love my job, it *is work, am physically/mentally drained by the end of the day. BLM was a movie too i think. definitely worth a pick-up, and a timely reminder of how bad it can really get if we let things get out of hand.@robb: kia ora! i do not know if racism in an institutionalised sense exists much anymore, but the attitudes are definitely there. i have even found myself to be guilty of racilly bigoted attitudes i accuse others of. this came as a hard reminder.

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