4 responses to “fire mountain”

  1. Gauri Gharpure

    i love this postcard composition of your photo posts.. how do you do it? if i remember, started around the 'book abt death' time, right?

  2. feddabonn

    thanks, gauri, and bang on about when it started. i use a free 'polaroid' template, and a s/w called PSE (photoshop elements). all these pictures are taken on a grainy mobile phone, and i find the polaroid/postcard context rather apt. the format also allows text.for years i've been trying to turn my poetry into 'images', just drawing word pictures. i guess this is sorta the next stage, LOL.

  3. feddabonn

    actually, G, it started a bit before that, with 'mornings with the smell of change'. :)

  4. Gauri Gharpure

    .. yes, this photo was bit grainy, but others, especially the naked and unashamed one, is brilliant. most don't look at all like mobile photos! and the grainy ones, honest, i thought you did that on purpose to get some bleak creative angle. :Dthnks for taking me back to that poem.. and let's see how the free template functions :)

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