5 responses to “the lie of Authority”

  1. Ruahines

    Kia ora Feddabonn,
    I think the real authority is perhaps having a little hiccup in Iceland at the moment.

  2. feddabonn

    heh heh heh. quite right!

  3. Shuakshuali

    A lil more gray, a lil more grime,a couple of tree skeletons, and it would look exactly like how I envisioned an Auden poem to look like. But then I've read only two of his poems and they were pretty bleak :)

  4. mesjay

    Impressive bleak pic, reminds me of one of the 'Father Brown' stories–i forget the title–where this guy goes up and up the Gothic church or something.Why is there a big blank space at the top page always? Is it your artistic idea or accidental?

  5. feddabonn

    @shuakshuali: honestly, i remember just this one poem myself! bleak yes, but always 'ironic points of light' eh?@mesjay: thanks. well deliberate, dunno about artistic. many ways it could be interpreted i guess.

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