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  1. Joe Pinto

    My dear feddabonn,I'm coming back to your blog after ages. But I am happy with your effort at resisting these food companies. I do not know if it will work, though.But I am sure the process of thinking up forms of resistance will make you stronger for the difficult days that are around the corner. Peace and love,- Joe.

  2. indianhomemaker

    My daughter saw a chicken being killed as a kid and never ate non veg again, so I think your dad was right – we should take responsibility for what we eat. I feel the purpose of any protest should be show our side of the story, and maybe make the other person see our point of view… we should try not to show anger – that may not help the cause…

  3. feddabonn

    @joe: good to have you back sir! while there is a certain element of resisting the food companies, i think this is more a reminder to myself- do i take responsibility for what i eat, for the life i so easily take?@IHM: i have not had the moral courage to go off meat, (usually mass produced meat produced in excessively cruel conditions) but have a lot of respect for people like your daughter who have. hats off to her. 'protest' was only one of a bunch of possible reasons for doing this. and there was no anger involved at all, just a morbid sense of humour. :)

  4. blackestred

    Fed, I like the way you've portrayed the animals, but here's my 2 cents. I have been an assistant in many a murder of animals and birds, mainly because we want to eat the meat. It's the circle of life. We eat its meat because we can. For that matter, I don't take vegans seriously. NOI.But striking an animal in anger or entertainment is something which I completely dislike. A butcher kills his herd cos' he has to make a living, not because his hatred compels him to kill the damn thing. I've never laid a hand on my pets unless they make the first move, esp. when they're angry. Sometimes, I understand and simply back off. I love animals, I've always had at least 2 dogs at home since as far as I can remember. I've shed a tear when mom sold our pig, I'm sure she did too. I hate the cock-fighting, dog-fighting and what-not!But I will always be a non-veg, does that make me the bad guy? I don't care!

  5. Shuakshuali

    Havta agree with Black there. Am not much of a meat lover, but that's because I have 'underdeveloped' taste buds (or so they tell me). But I'm not a huge fan of vegans either, or at least the ones who are fanatic about it. And now there are those food groupies who claim that its also wrong to eat vegs and fruits because they are intelligent living beings too… what should we eat then? Am not advocating cruelty to animals, but rather, "you should never take more than you give, in the circle of life"

  6. feddabonn

    @blackest: i'm afraid you misread me. i do not believe in the easy division of bad guy/good guy, whether on the basis of food choices, political choices, religious choices…ANY choices. bad guy/good guy is for silly movies and stupid presidents, not life.i do not think it is *wrong to eat meat. humans are omnivores, and i can live with that. what i do have a problem with, though, is that we have *removed ourselves from the circle…we do not kill, but we eat. there is less respect for life, less respect for the fact that that meat curry used to be someone living, less thankfulness. meat is just something that comes on a supermarket shelf. and that attitude i have a problem with. @shuakshuali: (sorta continuing from response to black) i cannot ask anyone else to follow a food choice i make, whether vegeterian/meat/vegan. you (and i) are welcome to eat meat, you (and i) are welcome to be vegan. i dislike many of the attack tactics used by vegans/vegeterians on meat-eaters, i also dislike how meat-eaters try and convince vegeterians to eat meat, saying it is 'better'. sadly, i have done the latter, and repent of it.but i *must say, guys, thanks for leaving disagreeing (is that a word?) comments!

  7. Ruahines

    Kia ora Feddabonn, This is good stuff. I used to be a hunter, though no more, and I took a lot of pride in providing meat for myself and the whole process involved in this. In my mountain travels I have found our increasingly technocratic system has invaded there as well. Helicopters now offer instant access to "hunters" whom have no feel for the land, thus little respect, and the damage being done to many of our remaining places in terms of rubbish left behind, and mistreatment of the wild becomes more and more apparent. The land becomes less and less a place of nuture and harvest, than just harvest. This is wrong. Sorry, a bit off the subject, but great topic.Cheers,Robb

  8. feddabonn

    kia ora robb, good to have you back, and feeling better. i like @ "The land becomes less and less a place of nuture and harvest, than just harvest." my thoughts exactly.

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