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most poets/artists live on appreciation and critique from friends and family, and i am deeply thankful to all the comments i have received. rather extra chuffed, though, to hear that amnesty international (aotearoa new zealand) has recognised one of my poems, ‘in your language, not mine‘, and might be publishing it in their next mag. […]

resistance art-palestine

I need to (uncharacteristically) put this down while it is fresh in my mind and heart. Watched a movie this evening, called ‘Watani Habibi’. Made by filmmaker couple John Mandelberg and Janice Abo Ganis, the film is a 20 odd minute documentary on Palestinian musicians and dancers. While I expected a look at Israeli occupation […]

a bullet point history of recent maori art

This ‘history’ of recent Maori art is based on Damian Skinner’s introduction to his PhD thesis, submitted to Victoria University of Wellington in 2005. While it is a pity to reduce a well researched piece to bullet points, this seems the best way to draw out the content as well as to illustrate the inadequacy […]

two conversations

a few weeks ago we went to a movie screening at the hamilton disability pride film festival. i’d heard about it by chance, and almost missed a brilliant film! ‘king gimp‘ tells the story of artist dan keplinger, who has cerebral palsy. the film is an honest documentary of 13+ years of dan’s life. though […]

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