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at least the sunset is

the evenings here are quiet and long-the dying strains of a sad grand songheard on a cheap transistor. munnar’s hills are far awayand i cannot hear gokarna’s beaches and though i cannot be where i wouldat least i know the sunset is, at least the sunset is.


actually enjoyed that last 20-20 match. both teams played well (i think) and the whole thing had that on the edge feel i normally associate with world cup football finals. hell yeah, i even cheered for the indian team (regardless of the fact that 1. i’ve never particularly liked cricket, and 2. i sent out […]

hand of god

doors and windowsbleeding sunshinedaisy bedsall breathing firegive me love andgive me madnesskill the graydomwith desirerip the curtainbreak the fencesfill the screenwith grease and mudbroken glass andbits of crosswordlet me touchthe hand of godbroken glassand unsolved crosswordlet me touchthe hand of god

responsibility just read this link from saurabh’s blog. though it is meant more for marketers/sales/advertisers kinda thing, its got me thinking. am i, as an artist/musician/poet taking responsibility for what i do? would i put my name on it? sobering thought.

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