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kill me a leader

sing me a song flecked with the spittle of the last suicidal farmer; tell me a story drenched in the piss of the traffic beggared streets; kill me a leader, dear mamma, kill me a leader.

new song

…heard the latest song? it goes: hare rum hare rum hare ganja hare rum …

sometimes words

words.prattle.and rattle.skeletons.making love.on tin rooftops. i hate words. but sometimeswords whisperlush soft storiesof golden sunetsdripping from the roofof the grassthat leadsto the fresh coldof wah-kadait and sometimes i love sometimes words baruk feddabonn

brave new india?

sometimes i wish i were richer. could afford more. like a fancy education from a really good arts school… i tell my trainees how things are so much better. how we no longer have to wait to get a mobike, telephone connection, job… and then i see an article. that talks of how the number […]

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