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an old one…——————————————————-commit your mortal dreamsto this undying flameand scream the rabid angel’s songis fading on the rise…the eyesthe eyes!steamed up windowscollaredbotheredwashedand hung to die

Art and Fear is here becasue i want to read it. and i want to read david bayles and ted orland’s “art and fear”.

indian folk art essay on indian folk art. i’ve never been a fan, myself…indian art has always been to ‘flat’ for me tastes. in “a passage to england”, nirad c. chaudhuri talks of how the sunlight falls differently in the more northern climes, and how things look more “rounded” because of that. he compares that to india […]

i want to write poetry

[7:56 PM 6/13/2006]

suddenly have this insane urge to ride. from shillong to cherra, specifically. considering i’m stuck in bangalore, AND running late for a meeting, i’ll content meself with posting another bit o “work”.


might as well start with this! written a while ago, but me first writing in a while. ——————————- Neisha Evening winter sunshine on glass. Glass. And shards of memory invade the quiet smoke under the trees. Like the time she wore the jasmine garland around her neck. I should have kissed her then, ignoring the […]

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