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to write or not to write?

ok. that has to be the worst title this side of sekspiar (watch me lapse into the assamese, kids!) the problem with a cliche-it says eXACTly what you want to say. just finished looking around the blog world again, and guess what. half the world blogs. most of them blog poetry. most of the good […]

wings on the wheel

It was quite an unlikely combination. A Liverpudlian environmental activist and bird expert of Irish-Scots descent who works with a project in Lebanon, on a Czech origin two stroke, loud, smoky and rather battered Yezdi (Iranian name, if you were wondering); uncertainly steered by a novice biker of Mizo-Malayalee descent who trains for the Call […]

whom should i fear?

whom should i fear? the virus, or the spam i get from people who would protect me?crime, or the harrassment from the people who would protect me?

while superman saves new york

while superman saves new york,terrorists kill 179 people in the mumbai train blasts. while superman saves new york,11 people die in bihar floods. while superman saves new york,3 more farmers commit suicide. while superman saves new york,bhopal still begs for clean water. while superman saves new york,narmada oustees beg for a place to live. while […]

green tea

i only really like tea(green, and the colour of sunset)on the second brew, leaves a little jaded-that can afford to lookat the funnier side of things;water a little cooled-off:politically neither hot nor cold,just appropriately steaming;the faint taste of bitterfilling the mouthwith vague happy memoriesof deepthi’s chocolate; i only really like teaon the second brew.

the little magazine best bits, i suppose, will be in the print version, but some rather nice stuff in the web version too! definitely worth a dekho.

for akshay

so we sitand throw our tantrumscrying like spoiled children;stupidlynoisilyimpolitelyscreamingscreamingfor justice. while the mai-baap governmentplods steadily ongrand as a sunsetand inevitableas death.

black hole sun

another old one-the one because of which AC called me an nihilist, and which i used in ‘black hole sun’ (yes, yes, i know soundgarden have a song by that name. quite like it, actually). should re-do that sometime. ——————————————————- the gods are dead, their chariots fall from grey uncertain skies eternal truth is now […]

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